assalamualaikum. hi. how everyone is doing? im ok. i am now a government servant, a doctor (finally) working in hospital raja permaisuri bainun, ipoh. yeahhh i can’t understand why ipoh too?! i have regretted my decision a few times but now I’m ok. ‘ok’ seems like a very simple word to summarize everything that has messed up but nothing can be changed about it and the only solution is to go through strong till the end. so yeah.. im ok. its a STRONG motivational word too! IM OKKKKK

don’t get me wrong. I’m really ok. 2 weeks of working has thought me how people can be so selfish and mean in desperate situation. how seniority gives someone power to think that they are so above everyone else. how knowledge should humbled someone and saved someone’s life. and lots more! most of all i learnt that people are just people.. we are not perfect and first impression is never accurate.

i must learn to control anger. actually there has been lots of occasions where i almost feel like kicking someone in the ass for being such an asshole but then i realize i need to change some things about my self too. like learn patience.. and patience and also patience. fuhhh!

it has been only 2 weeks guys!!!! im ok i mean okkkk but pls pls pls pray for me. thank you! dulu jealous tengok doctor kerja skrg aku jealous tengok medical student clerking case in the morning.. waiting for their professor to come and present because i know no matter how hard dia kene ‘bamboo’ balik rumah or hostel they still hv their friends to talk to and go out for dinner later and have some funnnnnnnn.. *manusia ni mmg tak pernah bersyukur kan? lol

its ok. nothing last forever. i can survive this insyallah! pray for me people. all the best too!